May 30, 2024

Using scenario videos with Theatre Testing method

Katie MacEntee, Edward Ou Jin Lee, Abe Oudshoorn, Alex Abramovich, Reuben Kiptui, David Ayuku, Amy Van Berkum , Olli Saarela , Thai-Son Tang, Edith Apondi, Juddy Wachira, Sue-Ann MacDonald and Paula Braitstein

Using scenario videos with Theatre Testing method to adapt a peer navigation model to improve street-connected youth’s access to HIV care in Kenya and Canada

Theatre testing (TT) method demonstrates whole or portions of an evidence-based intervention to stakeholders to elicit feedback on context-specific adaptations and future implementation. The Peer Navigator Project (PNP) studied the adaptation and implementation of Peer Navigators in five urban sites to increase street-connected youth (SCY) access to HIV prevention, testing, and treatment in Canada and Kenya. TT was used with SCY, healthcare providers, and community stakeholders to collect feedback on the optimal characteristics of the PNs (e.g., social identities) and their professional activities and responsibilities in each site. Sites scripted unique scenarios of PNs supporting SCY and interacting with social service providers. Local actors were employed, and the scenarios were filmed and edited into videos alongside audience discussion questions. Videos were screened to separate audiences of SCY (= 40), healthcare providers (= 12), and community stakeholders (= 59). Facilitated discussion about the scenarios were recorded as data, and transcripts were analyzed thematically by the research team. The scenario videos are presented as a unique adaptation to the TT method. The adaptations were time-consuming and limited the ability to present responsive changes while presenting the method to different audiences. They were also effective at maintaining presentation fidelity and eliciting diverse and meaningful responses from different stakeholder groups. One site successfully adapted the method for use in a physically distanced manner that complied with COVID-19 public health regulations. TT using video scenarios is an engaging  approach that garners rich responses from diverse stakeholder groups about the adaptation of evidence-based interventions preparing for implementation in international settings.

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